Big Data made Smart

We provide marketing and sales analytics & planning software for pharmaceutical and biotech that turns BIG data into SMART data.

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Introducing PharmaMetrics.

Analytics, Insights, & Action.

Our custom built analytics platform offers key analytics, focuses on providing you the unique and targetted insights you need, and guides you down the path of turning those insights into action.

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Measure Effectiveness (ROI).

Our marketing program analytics gives you deep insights into the most effective marketing programs. Learn what programs are most effective with all your custom physician segments, and start making better decisions about programs by knowing what's working and what's not.

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Data Driven Planning.

Use the analytics, ROI, and key prescriber metrics you have available to create a data driven marketing plan. Target the right physicians with the right message at the right time with our technology driven planning platform.

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Moneyball for Pharma.

Billy Beane turned a small market team with budgets a fourth the size of other teams and made the Oakland Athletics a contender. He used sabermetrics (a fancy word for good baseball math) to turn Oakland into a consitent contender by developing algorithms to help identify areas of opportunity and to outsmart his competition.

Our analytics software and accompanying models can help you make better, smarter decisions, and allow you to outsmart your competition. Get in touch today to learn more.

Big Data in the Cloud.